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Organization Research Group Paper Discussion on 15 May

Prof. Niron Hashai will present recent research exploring the dynamics in the origins of technological knowledge in firms' early years and the implications of such dynamics for new product introductions.


Join us on Tuesday, 15 May, 12:00-13:00 at Kaulbachstr. 45, room 006.

Paper title

Dynamics in the origins of technological knowledge in early firm years - Implications for new product introductions


We document how the origination of technological knowledge starts with firm founders, then shifts to other firm members, and later on to external stakeholders. We further show that greater reliance on founder technological knowledge is initially positively associated with new product introductions, but later on becomes negatively associated with them, whereas the opposite relationships hold for reliance on firm member and external stakeholder technological knowledge. We draw upon these insights to develop a theoretical framework that explains how the dissemination of founder knowledge to other firm members and later on to external stakeholders affects product introduction in early firm years. By assessing the role and dynamics of technological knowledge origins, involving founders, firm members and external stakeholders, the paper offers new empirical and theoretical insights pertaining to the nature and mechanisms of firm growth.