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Current Research

Our team focuses on various aspects of international management and team diversity. We explore how firms manage expatriates and investigate the drivers and effects of global labor migration. Current efforts center on the following projects.

Current research

Focus areas for current research projects

  • International management
  • Cross-cultural management
  • International assignments (expatriation, inpatriation, repatriation)
  • Global talent management
  • Leadership in multicultural teams
  • Global corporate social and environmental responsibility

Contact for further information: Prof. Dr. Tassilo Schuster

Country choices among self-initiated expatriates

As the the high-skilled workforce is becoming increasingly mobile across national boundaries, countries have entered into a competition to attract and retain highly qalified talent. Research in this area, so far, has evolved mainly through the lens of national migrant selection policies. Efforts to analyze the behavior of those who actually move abroad, the self-initiated expatriates, are relatively recent. We seek to contribute to this evolving strand of knowledge and explain what drives high-skilled expatriates in their decision on which country to move to. We hope that our results will lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the drivers behind high-skilled migration flows and cause policy foci to shift beyond the gatekeeper function of immigrant selection regulations, to include other areas that influence the competitiveness of countries and firms to attract foreign talent.

Contact for further information: Bernhard Wittek