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Intercultural Competence: Theory and Application

Master Seminar: WP 32 - Leadership and Human Resources IV

Course instructor: N.N. | LSF page

Course Overview

Intercultural differences have a great influence on management decisions and outcomes. For managers, intercultural competence is one of the most important requirements for working successfully in a global environment. This module enables students to identify and understand intercultural challenges, sharpens their awareness of the importance of cultural aspects and provides them with skills to solve intercultural dilemmas and tensions. In this module, students will analyze and understand modern and well-established theories and methods of intercultural management and will be able to apply these to various practical problems of global managers. They will get a comprehensive overview of the current state of intercultural management research and will be able to evaluate theoretical and empirical studies in this field.

Course Goals and Organization

This module aims at imparting and experiencing fundamental basics of intercultural management. The module is widely based on interaction and includes simulations, cultural trainings, and role-plays in order to sharpen students’ awareness of intercultural differences in an almost realistic setting. Students will develop the capability of analyzing and evaluating different intercultural settings. Regarding soft skills, students will learn how to present and discuss their solutions on intercultural aspects and to defend their viewpoint in class.

Examination requirements Exam, 60 minutes
Presentation, 15 minutes
Credits 6 ECTS


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Further information

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