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Society and Politics of Japan

Bachelor Seminar: WP 50 - Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Japans III

Course instructor: N.N. - only summer term

Course Overview

This module offers an introductory, problem-oriented analysis of political and societal developments in Japan. "Societal change" is used as the underlying foundation to examine relevant subject areas, such as reform efforts as a consequence of allied occupation, the development of an industrialized society, social problems of the post-industrial age, current demographice developments, or political institutions and democratization.

The course is taught in German.

Course Goals and Organization

The course will enable students to acquire a basic understanding of societal and political dynamics in Japan.

Examination requirements BA Business Administration: Seminar paper 22,200 characters and a 15-minute presentation (50% towards your final grade each)

BA Japanese Studies: Seminar paper 16,200-19,800 characters and a 20-minute presentation (50% towards your final grade each)

Credits BA Business Administration: 6 ECTS
BA Japanese Studies: 3 ECTS


To apply, please refer to the course's LSF page and register during the registration period. Results will be announced via your campus email address. All course applications must be made through the LSF and within the application timeframe (incl. exchange students).

Further information

Further information can be found on the course's LSF entry. If you require additional details, please contact Jane Sarah Khanizadeh at